My New Favorite Wedges

Tory Burch 2



So, for the past couple months I have been lusting over these Tory Burch Jackie wedges. They caught my eye when I was walking through Nordstrom one day.The crochet top and espadrille wedge just felt like Summer to me and I knew I HAD to have them. After months of going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to spend the money, I finally got them. Let me tell you guys, they were worth every penny. They are beautiful on, they will go with just about anything and they are freakishly comfortable. Oh,and they are currently 25% off! They are definitely going to be my ‘go-to’ shoe this Summer!

I am wearing yet another one of my Topshop camis. You have seen them in posts before and you will see them in posts again! I can not tell you guys enough how much I love these things and how much use I get out of them. They’re a closet staple for me and are perfect to wear anywhere. Throw one on with cutoffs and Converse and I’m ready for a Saturday of running errands. Pair one with slacks and a blazer and I am office ready. Put it with jeans and heels and I am all set for a night out. They are just perfection.

Tory Burch 4Tory Burch 1


Tory Burch 5

This hat is probably my favorite eBay find. I loved it so much that I purchased the Merlot version as well!  I got these shorts from Nordstrom Rack not too long ago. I spent an abundance of time trying to find a link for you guys to no avail, sorry! Also, the necklace I am wearing was a score from Haute Look and I can not find it anywhere online. However, I left a link to the designers website. She has a lot of fun jewelry! As always I look forward to hearing your feedback!

[Hat: eBay] [Sunglasses: Forever 21; old] [Necklace: Meghan Fabulous] [Top: Topshop] [Wedges: Tory Burch 25% off now] [Watch: Marc Jacobs] [Bracelet: Nordstrom] [Purse: Michael Kors, old; but LOVE this one]

To Tommy From Zooey

Lately, I have been awe-struck by Miss Zooey Deschanel. She is the star of my favorite show ‘The New Girl’, runs a production company, is a member of the band ‘She & Him’, launched a website called ‘Hello Giggles’, and now she has launched a 29 piece capsule collection for Tommy Hilfiger. Oh, and she started sewing her own clothes in high school. Is there anything she can’t do?

She has a great fashion sense and a firm grasp on her own personal style. She has said, “Fashion is a way of communicating. You’re saying, ‘Hi world! How are you? This is me today. Take me or leave me!’” She is a notorious girly-girl and she always shows it with her bright color choices and classic silhouettes, which she has incorporated into the collection.

To Tommy From Zooey

These are some of my favorite pieces from the collection. The almost nautical color scheme of these pieces makes them perfect for the upcoming Summer months. My favorite thing about the collection is that each piece is appropriate for day or night wear and can be worn for so many occasions! After much deliberation I ordered the two on the bottom and am eager for their arrival! Fourteen dresses from the collection are currently available at Macys. The entire collection (including accessories) is available from Tommy Hilfiger. Do you guys have a favorite piece from this collection? Sound off below!

[First dress: Macys] {Second dress: Macys] [Third dress: Macys] Fourth dress: Macys]



April Showers

Hunter boots 1

Hunter boots 2Hunter boots 3Hunter boots 5


The lovely Florida Spring weather we have been having lately got interrupted by all day rain yesterday, and it was my Hunter boots to the rescue! I used to think it was silly to have shoes just to wear in the rain. However, in the last few rainy seasons I have encountered wet feet and squishy shoes one to many times and have realized what a necessity they truly are.

On my quest for the perfect pair of rain boots I learned the most magnificent little secret. Women up to a size 8 can wear big kid children shoe sizes. I am a size 7.5 in women sizes, which would me me a 5.5 in big kid shoes.I was advised to get a half size up in these and am so glad I did–they fit perfect!

I had always heard such wonderful things about Hunter boots, but was not a huge fan of the price tag. The childrens’ version of the boot is about HALF the price, putting it closer to my price range.When I found these boots on the Nordstrom website, I was surprised a majority of the reviews were from grown women who were already in on secret about kids sizes! These Hunter boots come in a variety of colors and styles, are very comfortable, look great on and most importantly keep my feet DRY!

I just got my top from one of my new favorite places to shop online, Catch Bliss Boutique. Unfortunately, it is already sold out. However, you can check out their other cute tops here. They have a great selection and even better prices!

Thanks for stopping by, can’t wait to hear your feedback!


[Necklace: Givenchy] [Top: Catch Bliss Boutique; sold out] [Jeans: LC for Kohls] [Boots:Hunter] [Bracelet: Nordstrom] [Cup: Swoozies; pattern no longer available]



French Connection Sale Finds

Last week I was perusing the outlet section of the French Connection website when I came across this gorgeous maxi dress. As soon as I saw it I knew it had to be mine. It had this ethereal quality that really drew me to it. When it arrived last week I realized I had definitely made a good decision in purchasing it. The dress has beautiful beading detail on the hummingbirds and flowers that really give the dress a little something extra.
fc 1

fc 2

fc 3

fc 4

Unfortunately, because of the fact that the dress was on sale with an additional 30% off, there are very limited sizes available currently. So, I decided to browse their sale section and share some of the other little beauties that caught my eye. Everything in their sale and outlet section is an additional 30% off when you use the code S14SHOP at checkout! Happy shopping! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and as usual I am eager to hear your feedback!

[Necklace:Nordstrom] [Dress: French Connection] [Bag: Michael Kors] [Sandals:Tory Burch]

French Connection Sale Finds


French Connection Sale Finds by cp-loveandclothing featuring French Connection

French Connection jumpsuit

French Connection pants
$31 -

No Nonsense–Just how I like it

Recently, I was given the fantastic opportunity to try products from No Nonsense. For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, No Nonsense offers a huge selection of tights, leggings, socks and lounge wear at great price points. What really caught my eye on their website, (aside from all of the cute products) was the multitude of amazing customer reviews. Everyone had a lot of praise for their purchases which left me even more excited to try the product for myself.

jeggings 2jeggings 1


These denim leggings were the first thing I put on and let me tell you, they are my new best friends. The dark color makes them perfect for day or night wear and they are insanely comfortable. They will be my new designated “go out to eat and stuff my face comfortably pants.” Everyone has a pair of those–right? Right. I used their size chart to determine my size and it was dead on, as these fit me like a glove. I will definitely be adding a couple of the other colors they offer in this style to my closet!

jeggings 5jeggings 6jeggings 7

I loved how the dark color of the leggings made the vibrant colors of my top really stand out. This shirt is also sure to become a new favorite. It’s made from a lightweight material, is very soft and has a semi-flowy, yet flattering fit. These wedges were one of my clearance section scores from Target. I love the color and style of them. However, if you are considering purchasing them, be warned that the strap across the toes is not the most comfortable. The inside of it is kind of hard and inflexible, so it doesn’t feel the greatest on the bones of my feet when I am walking. As always, I look forward to hearing all of your feedback!

Earrings: Tory Burch

Necklace: old; similar here

Top: Mason’s Boutique

Leggings: c/o No Nonsense

Crystal Bracelet: Nordstrom

Spike Bracelet: Nordstrom

Sunglasses: Forever 21–old; similar here

Ring: Me Plus Mi

Wedges:Target; color no longer available(FYI all their shoes are buy one get one 50% right now)

Crossbody Obsession

Crossbody Obsession


Crossbody Obsession by cp-loveandclothing featuring a quilted crossbody purse

Shoulder bag

Shoulder bag
 My name is Courtney and I am addicted to handbags.The first step is admitting that you have a problem, am I right? My first handbag-high was brought on by a fuchsia Coach buckle demi that I bought at Dillards ten years ago, with a wad of hard-earned babysitting money that was burning a hole in my pocket. I fell head-over-heels for that bag ( I actually still have it), and have loved adding to my collection over the years with bags of various styles and colors. The past few years there have been multiple times when a crossbody bag was how I got my fix.
   Crossbody bags are one of the most diverse fashion innovations since the emergence of the LBD. They seamlessly take you from day to night and are perfect for a variety of activities/events, due to the fact that they leave your hands free! This season I have seen so many that I would love to add to my collection, and wanted to share some of them with your guys.
   There are a few Rebecca Minkoff styles (these ones are on discount right now at Nordstrom) that made my list. She has been killing it with her color and pattern choices for bags lately.The yellow with the black hardware is definitely my favorite. I have seen the bag in person and it is a more vibrant neon shade of yellow than the photo depicts.
   Then there are those two Steve Madden fringe choices–I die. I love their boho vibe and they are PERFECT for concert/festival season that is just around the corner! I actually got myself the tan one as a birthday gift for myself. (I am 25 now, I can’t believe it) Choosing between the grey and tan was a nearly impossible decision, I just felt the tan would go with more in my wardrobe.
   And last I have these two elephant crossbody bags from eBay. Allow me to say how much I LOVE eBay finds. They have so many unique and affordable pieces–these bags are only $10 plus free shipping. I am an elephant enthusiast so of course both of these made their way onto my wish list.
 I know I did not put a whole lot of variety on this little wish list, but I just loved the different colors available for the Steve Madden and eBay bags so much, that I just had to share them both! I hope you guys had a great week and have an even better weekend! As always, I very much look forward to your feedback!

Springtime Layering

My favorite thing about Fall/Winter fashion is layering. It allows you to display multiple pieces that culminate in a very put together look. Adding additional layers allows you to take a look to the next level. However, living in Tampa, trying to layer in the Spring or Summer can be very difficult to do–without melting. Enter the kimono.




I bought this kimono on a whim from Nordstrom online. When it arrived I have to say I was not all that impressed by its appearance on the hanger. As soon as I put it on that all changed. The cut, the color, the movement–it was all just too perfect. Even better, it’s super lightweight and will allow me to incorporate some layering into the sweltering heat we are sure to encounter here this year. I now find myself wanting to purchase some more in other colors to get through the warmer months.


These are the booties that I mentioned in this post. I can not believe I waited so long to share them with you guys.They are comfortable and better yet, they are on sale! They pair perfectly with cutoff shorts and will be getting a lot of use this year! Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

Kimono: To join wait list for exact one- here; similar: here and here

Necklace: Forever 21

Shorts: Hollister (on sale)

Watch: Michael Kors

Booties: Target


My foray into the barre workout trend

Recently, a barre workout studio opened in front of my neighborhood. One of my neighbors attends their classes religiously and swears by what an amazing workout it is. So, when I saw a Living Social deal for the barre studio I quickly snatched it up. (I am always scouring Groupon and Living Social for new activities.) After attending two of my classes, I feel the need to share my experience with you guys. Let me walk you through it….

Allow me to preface this little story by saying, watching me try to do anything that requires even a minimal amount of coordination is like watching an octopus try to walk a tight rope. It’s not pretty to watch.

I got to class put my stuff in my cubby and was told to take off my shoes. I would learn the reasoning for this later on. The music cued up and I felt like I had stumbled into the crosshairs of a flash mob. Everyone in the room started moving in synchronicity without any need for the accompanying instructions from the teacher. I awkwardly stumbled through this series of warm ups, between two girls who were apparently gifted with the ‘prima ballerina’ gene. The way they moved through each step was so graceful I could have died.

Then the workout started. I got through the arm routine pretty smoothly. Then sh*t got real. The instructor told us to go by the mirror, put our hands on the bar and get into squat position. Fair enough. Then she says, “Now get on your tip-toes and tuck your hips. Tuck and freeze. Tuck and hold.” Um, what?? How does one tuck their hips? Is it witchcraft? I ascertain no superpowers, so this seemed to be either a sick joke or just impossible. It was the latter, for me anyways. Much to my spastic surprise, the girls in the class got into position and right down to business. I did my best and despite my instructors MANY corrections of my form, I am still not sure how the hell one ‘tucks’ their hips.

I don’t know if you guys watch Sex and the City, but there is an episode where Miranda forces Carrie to attend a dance class with her. The instructor repetitively tells Miranda to ‘pop’ her hips. No matter how hard she tries, she is the only one in class unable to accomplish this. After this she says, “My hips don’t pop, I’m a guy.” Well Miranda, I feel your pain. I too am a guy. Not in the anatomical sense of course, more the my hips don’t tuck, I don’t cry during ‘The Notebook’ way.

I joke, but this class is pretty hardcore. The women who teach and take this class have my respect for their graceful abilities and movements. I will be finishing out the ten classes that I got in my deal, as they are already paid for. I would definitely recommend trying the barre workout, my hind-quarters have never felt such pain.

Smile it’s Friday. Enjoy your weekends everyone!

Charity Polo Classic

This past weekend I attended a Charity Polo Tournament benefitting the local Children’s Cancer Center. It was a wonderful event that raised a lot of money for a great cause. I don’t know if any of you have attended a Polo tournament, but I would suggest doing so! It is just such an intricate and beautiful sport to watch. The players have to steer the horses towards the direction of the ball while simultaneously trying to hit the polo ball towards the opposing teams goal. I’m not very coordinated in the technical sense, so this is mind-boggling to me.

polo 3_edited polo 8_edited polo 12_edited  polo 4_editedpolo 5_editedpolo 7_editedpolo 10_edited

That morning it had been pouring down rain. However, it turned into the perfect weather for an outdoor event. I got this Lilly Pulitzer dress at a Nordstrom Rack off the clearance rack for such a great deal! I have really been scoring some INSANE deals there lately. The color is my absolute favorite shade of pink, it really pops, plus it makes me look tanner than I really am. SCORE. My handsome escort there is my boyfriend/best friend/usual photographer/biggest supporter.  Sorry not much content this week, I promise for a better read next week! Hope you guys are having an amazing week!


Dress: Lilly Pulitzer

Watch: Michael Kors

Wedges: Steve Madden (old; similar here)

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